Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher Multiple models for selection, can be customized according to customer requirements
An ideal crusher for stone of low hardness

The impact crusher (impact crusher) is a new generation of impact crusher developed in combination with the specific working conditions of the sand and gravel. The equipment adopts very new manufacturing technology and unique structural design. The crushed aggregates are cubical shape, without tension and cracks, with good round shape. The discharge particle size can be adjusted, and the crushing specifications are diversified.

  • From 50-500 tons per hour
  • High quality manganese steel
  • Three crushing chamber
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What is an impact crusher for sale?

Impact crusher for sale is usually used as secondary crusher to crusher the stone which is not so hard such as limestone, barite and construction waste etc. Because its working principle is to crush the stone by impact force, it is called as impact crusher. It is also called as horizontal shaft impact crusher.

The impact crusher is composed of crusher body, rotor and impact plate. Impact crushers use impact energy to crush materials. It is widely used in hydropower, highway, artificial sand and gravel, crushing and other industries.

What is an impact crusher for sale?

Advantages and disadvantages of impact crusher for sale

  1. 1. Low feeding height and large feed opening, it is more convenient for the production line selection and bigger feeding size;
  2. 2. Unique structure, keyless connection, strong rigidity and large rotor moment of inertia. High chromium blow bar, impact resistance, wear resistance.
  3. 3. The crushed stone shape is cubical and round shape. The size of the discharge particle size is adjustable, which simplifies the crushing process.
  4. 4. New wear-resistant material for longer life of blow bars, impact plates and liner plate;
  5. 5. The disadvantage is that the output aggregates from the impact crusher is with too much dust, it is not good for some projects requirement;
  6. 6. It is only suitable for some soft rock and medium hardness stone, if it is used to crush the hard stone, the life of impact crusher blow bars and other impact crusher parts will be very short;
Advantages and disadvantages of impact crusher for sale

Types and models of impact crusher HAMAC provide

For the impact crushers, there are two different types because of their usage. One is primary impact crusher, its feed opening is big, it can crush the big size stone bigger than 150mm; another one is secondary impact crusher or tertiary impact crusher,it is a 3 cavity impact crusher, it is usually used to crush the stone which is smaller than 150mm.

Types and models of impact crusher HAMAC provide

If it is classified according to whether it can be moved, there are two types of impact crusher for sale. One is stationary impact crusher, another one is mobile impact crusher. Mobile impact crusher is conveniently to be moved between different working sites to recycle the concrete and construction waste.

If it is classified according to whether it can be moved, there are two types of impact crusher for sale

How does an impact crusher work?

The impact crusher working principle as below:

Driven by the motor, the rotor rotates with the blow bar on the rotor, the stone is fed into the impact crusher cavity and is crushed by the blow bar, and then it is thrown to the impact plates to be crushed again, and then bounces back from the impact plate liner. Re-crushing in the action zone of the blow bar, this process is repeated, the material enters the first, second, third impact chambers from large to small for repeated crushing. When the aggregates size of the crushed stone is smaller than the gap between the blow bar and the impact plate, it is discharged from the lower part of the impact crusher machine. Adjusting the gap between the impact frame and the rotor can change the output size. In an aggregate crushing plant, closed circuit impact crusher works together with a vibrating screen can produce the aggregates and sand as the size you need.

The impact crusher working principle as below:

Cone Crusher VS Impact Crusher

cone rock crusher for sale and impact rock crusher for sale are two different types of secondary crusher. Both of them are arranged as the next stage of jaw crusher machine usually. So, when we should use the cone crusher or impact crusher as the secondary crusher? Here are some difference between cone crusher and impact crusher need to be considered before you make the decision.

Cone Crusher VS Impact Crusher
  1. 1. The raw material hardness:for example, limestone, barite, calcium carbonate, granite, andersite, basalt, river stone and mine ore etc. Generally speaking, if the raw material is limestone, barite, calcium carbonate, the impact crusher machine is the best choice; if the raw material is hard stone such as granite,andersite, basalt, river stone and mine ore etc, cone crusher machine will be considered firstly;
  2. 2. Whether the final product requires lower dust content?For the impact stone crusher, there will be much dust in the final product; but for the cone stone crusher, its working principle is press the stone to small sizes, so there is not so much dust in the final product.
  3. 3. If the buyer of the aggregates and sand need the cubical shape or round shape aggregates and sand?The final product from the impact crusher for sale is cubical shape or round shape, it is good for concrete mixing. But the final aggregates and sand from cone crusher machine include more slice and needle shape stone which is not good for ready mixed concrete. So usually one vertical shaft impact crusher will be equipped together with the cone crusher machine, so that the shape of the aggregates and sand from the cone crusher will be adjusted to cubical and round shape.
  4. 4. The cost;if the capacity is the same, cone crusher for sale is more expensive than impact crusher.
Cone Crusher VS Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher Goods Delivery

Based on good quality and decades of experience, the Impact Crusher which is manufactured by HAMAC was exported to different countries. The Impact Crusher will be packed and loaded in our factory, and then be shipped to our clients safe and sound.

Impact Crusher shipping pictures

Impact Crusher Technical Parameters

Model Rotor size(mm) Feed opening(mm) Max. Feeding size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Motor Power(kW) Weight(t) Overall dimension(mm)
PF-1007 Φ1000x700 400x730 300 30-70 37-45 12 2330x1660x2300
PF-1010 Φ1000x1050 400x1080 350 50-90 45-55 15 2370x1700x2390
PF-1210 Φ1250x1050 400x1080 350 70-130 110 17.7 2680x2160x2800
PF-1214 Φ1250x1400 400x1430 350 100-180 132 22.4 2650x2460x2800
PF-1315 Φ1320x1500 860x1520 500 130-250 220 27 3180x2720x2620
PF-1520 Φ1500x2000 830x2040 700 300-550 315-400 50.6 3959x3564x3330
PF-1620 Φ1600x2000 2000x1600 500 400-700 400-500 58 4259x3660x3450
PF-1820 Φ1800x2000 1260x2040 800 600-800 630-710 83.21 4400x3866x4009

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Impact Crusher Application Case

The Impact Crusher is widely used for different projects all over the world. HAMAC exported the Impact Crusher to different countries and got good comments from our clients.

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