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Asphalt mixing plant, also known as asphalt concrete mixing plant, asphalt concrete batching plant, refers to complete sets of equipment for mass production of asphalt concrete. According to the mixing method, it can be divided into forced batch type and continuous type; according to the transportation method, it can be divided into stationary type, semi-mobile type and mobile type.

  • Different type as options,
  • 40-320tph as options
  • Fully automatic controlled by software;
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Asphalt mixing plant, also known as asphalt concrete mixing station, refers to a complete set of equipment used for mass production of asphalt concrete, which can produce asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture, and colored asphalt mixture. It is a necessary equipment for roads, airports, ports. 

Asphalt mixing plant is mainly composed of batching system, drying system, combustion system, hot material lifting, vibrating screen, hot material storage bin, weighing and mixing system, asphalt supply system, powder supply system, dust removal system, finished product silo and control system, etc. part composition.


  • 1. Exquisite modular design and integral steel structure foundation, the layout is more reasonable, and the disassembly-transportation-installation is faster and more convenient.
  • 2. Skirt-type feeding belt ensures more stable and reliable feeding.
  • 3. The special design of the drying drum material plate and the advanced self-developed combustion heating technology improve the efficiency and reduce the energy consumption.
  • 4. The plate chain type hot aggregate and powder lifting design improves the service life of the hoist.
  • 5. The asphalt mixing station is designed with a high-level hot aggregate silo to increase the storage capacity of the hot aggregate silo, without the need to wait for materials and increase the output.
  • 6. Using the world's most advanced pulse bag dust removal technology, the dust emission is lower than 20mg/Nm³, which is in line with international high environmental protection standards.
  • 7. Automatic/manual control system, with fault self-diagnosis feedback program, simple and stable operation.
  • 8. The optimized design and the hard tooth surface reducer with high conversion rate are adopted at the same time, and the energy saving efficiency is high.
  • 9. The core components use foreign products, such as Siemens motors and electrical components, EBICO burners, Swiss METTLER TOLEDO load cells, etc., which reduces the failure rate of the equipment and prolongs the service life of the equipment.

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The Asphalt Mixing Plant is widely used for different projects all over the world. HAMAC exported the Asphalt Mixing Plant to different countries and got good comments from our clients.

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Based on good quality and decades of experience, the Asphalt Mixing Plant which is manufactured by HAMAC was exported to different countries. The Asphalt Mixing Plant will be packed and loaded in our factory, and then be shipped to our clients safe and sound.

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Model Capacity(Standard Conditions) Mixer Capacity Dust Remove Effect Total Power Fuel Consumption
Fuel Oil Fuel Coal
HMC700 60t/h 750kg ≤20mg/Nm³ 178kW 5.5-7kg/t 10kg/t
HMC1000 80t/h 1000kg ≤20mg/Nm³ 285kW 5.5-7kg/t 10kg/t
HMC1200 100t/h 1200kg ≤20mg/Nm³ 316kW 5.5-7kg/t 10kg/t
HMC1500 120t/h 1500kg ≤20mg/Nm³ 380kW 5.5-7kg/t 10kg/t
HMC2000 160t/h 2000kg ≤20mg/Nm³ 470kW 5.5-7kg/t 10kg/t
HMC2500 200t/h 2500kg ≤20mg/Nm³ 547kW 5.5-7kg/t 10kg/t
HMC3000 240t/h 3000kg ≤20mg/Nm³ 700kW 5.5-7kg/t 10kg/t
HMC4000 300t/h 4000kg ≤20mg/Nm³ 870kW 5.5-7kg/t 10kg/t

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