Spider Concrete Placing Boom

Spider Concrete Placing Boom Multiple models for selection, can be customized according to customer requirements
An ideal product works together with a stationary concrete pump

Spider concrete placing boom is also named mobile concrete placing boom. It is easily installed on the jobsite and can be connected to any of concrete pumps.

This helps pour large areas without needing to work with the traditional heavy line systems. There is a pipeline inlet under the concrete placing boom, just connect the pipeline of the pump to the pipeline under the concrete placing boom, then the concrete can be placed at different positions on the floor by the concrete placing boom.

  • 13-21m length boom as options
  • Famous brand hydraulic parts
  • Mobile type and stationary type
  • introduction
  • Technical parameters
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As a mature manufacturer of concrete placing boom, HAMAC designed this series spider concrete placing boom with different length boom for different projects. It is equipped famous brand components such as electric motor, hydraulic parts, rotating system etc. According to the different designs, there are two different types concrete placing booms as options for different usages.


  • 1. The placing boom has a Z-shaped or R- shaped boom assembly with three foldable sections, which can swing through 360 degrees while luffing, folding and unfolding, thus allowing it to place concrete to form walls, pipes, columns, piles and other vertical structures without confined placement areas.
  • 2. The boom assembly’s luffing, folding/unfolding and swinging are carried out hydraulically with buttons. The hydraulic and electrical system feature overload protectors, flow controls, alarms, phase sequence protectors and so on, which ensures the placing boom to have reliable performance, easy and smooth operation, and high safety.
  • 3. Featuring compact structure and lightweight, the placing boom can be completely lifted and transferred to any suitable places for concrete placement, such as floors, platforms, simply-structured racks or even trailers. It does not need to be fixed while working. In addition, it can be lifted off the placement sites when it is not needed, which leads to no disturbance to other jobs and easy maintenance.
  • 4. The Spider Concrete Placing boom is well fit for the construction of different floors and for complicated jobsites without being influenced by the size and shape of floors.

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application case

The Spider Concrete Placing Boom is widely used for different projects all over the world. HAMAC exported the Spider Concrete Placing Boom to different countries and got good comments from our clients.

Goods Delivery

Based on good quality and decades of experience, the Spider Concrete Placing Boom which is manufactured by HAMAC was exported to different countries. The Spider Concrete Placing Boom will be packed and loaded in our factory, and then be shipped to our clients safe and sound.

Spider Concrete Placing Boom shipping pictures
Item HGY13 HGY15 HGY17 HGY21
Max. Placing Radius (M) 13 15 17 21
Big Arm Length (M) 3.7 6 6.66 6.496
Big Arm Elevation (°) -2~84.4 0~70 0~65 0~65
Medium Arm Length (M) 4.52 5 5.73 4.585
Medium Arm Elevation (°) 0~180 0~180 0~180 0~180
Small Arm Length (M) 4.78 4 4.61 5.029
Small Arm Elevation (°) 0~180 0~180 0~180 0~180
Hose Length (M) 3 3 3 3
Concrete Delivery Pipe (Mm) Ø125×6 Ø125×6 Ø125×6 Ø125×6
Tail Rotary Radius (M) 2.72 2.81 3.51 3.51
Total Power (Kw) 4 4 5.5/7.5 11
System Pressure  (MPa) 24 24 24 24
Rotary Speed (R/Min) 0.3—0.8 0.3—0.8 0.3—0.8 0.3—0.8
Rotary Range (°) 0~360 0~360 0~360 0~360
Supporting Legs Span (M) 3.15×3.15 4×4 4.6×4.6 4.6×4.6
Overall Height (M) 2.9 2.6 3.2 3.2
Bare Machine Weight (Kg) 2700 3230 5000 10000
Balance Weight (Kg) 2×900 2×1100 2200 2×2500
Control Mode Panel/ Wireless Remote Control Panel/ Wireless Remote Control Panel/ Wireless Remote Control Panel/ Wireless Remote Control

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