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10 Layer Building Equipment Diesel Concrete Pump 45kw Without Crane


Diesel concrete pump mixer is suitable for all kinds of dispersed locations, less construction, longer distance from site to commodity concrete agitate plant. For example: 10 layer below the group main building structure, building and underground garage floor, civil construction of inclined roof, small bridges, tunnels, water conservancy slope, small river locks and boat lock, electric power communication tower base, small wharf, mine construction, concrete roadway maintenance field sites scattered, engineering the quantity is less, the commodity concrete batch plant is not willing to do or they do not economic construction, concrete construction project site mixed. Diesel concrete pump mixer is with the rapid and flexible, mobile convenience, speed, labor saving features.
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It is combined by the traditional mixing and the traditional concrete pump together, you could tail it by a truck or forklift quickly from a site to the other sites, so the efficiency of mixing concrete pump can be up 4 – 6 times than the traditional mixing and the traditional concrete pump.

Such as: it is usually seven days between two floors of the intervals in the construction site of china, This is the concrete sets up the intensity of time necessary to maintain, during the time, the traditional mixing and the concrete pump have had a rest, because the cost and time is too more to move its, only to stop and waiting. But diesel concrete pump mixer will been moved and used quickly to other three or four sites during the same time. This is diesel concrete pump mixer value.


1. The median tank layout, the center of gravity in the middle of the two wheels.
2. The mixer and concrete pump can be easily separated, can realize the independent use and combined use.Tere are two location------ work alone and combination.and it is convenient for the replacement of the concrete piston. The mixer drum is not the barrier located above the concrete pump stroke cylinder part of the inspection, maintenance, it is easy to be maintenance by pull the pump unit out from mixer.
3. Diesel engine is on the rotary platform, with three different optional position: dragging, working and shipping container position. Working position is away from the hopper, avoid diesel close to the pollution source-------loading hopper, to increase reliability, while expanding loader working space. Dgging position close to the machine body, the focus is adjusted to the median of two wheels, and reduce the cross section of the transport process of size, reduce the transport road width.Shipping container position to ensure the machine just enter a standard 20 foot container without dismantling.


Equipment Diesel Concrete Pump With Mixer   For 10 Layer Building Without Crane

Diesel concrete pump with mixer performance parameters

Item Unit HBT2008JZC350 
Pump Max Output m³/h 15
Theoretical Output m³/h 23 
Max. Pressure on Concrete MPa 8 
The type of distribution valve   S tube valve
delivery cylinder mm 180×800
main oil cylinder  bore/Rod diameter x stroke mm Φ110/Φ65×800
Oil tank capacity L 250
Outlet opening diameter mm Φ150
Inner dia. of delivery pipe mm Φ125
Diesel model   F4L912(DEUTZ)
Diesel power KW 45
Max. diameter of aggregates mm 40
Pulling speed Km/h ≤8
Maximum delivery Horizontal distance M 200
Maximum delivery Vertical distance M 40
Mixer Type  TOPLL JZC350
Capacity of charge Hopper L 560
Capacity of discharge Hopper L 350
Charge hopper cylinder  bore/Rod diameter x stroke mm Φ80/Φ50×600
Hydraulic motor /diesel of drum   A2F
Water pump motor control   Electromagnetic clutch
Diameter of drum mm 1440
Drum rotary speed rpm 15
Charge hopper load up time s 6
Charge hopper unload down time s 4
mixing time s 45-60
Tread distance mm 2250 
length ×width ×height mm 5500×2300×2700 
Weight Kg  4500
Packing quantity (20 foot) container   1

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