Concrete Conveying for High-rise Building

High-rise building is a symbol of modern city, more and more high-rise building is being built all over the world. Accompany this, we have to consider how to deliver the concrete to the high building exceed 100 meters or more. This is a complete solution include transit the concrete, pump the concrete and place the concrete to right place.

1. Choose the qualified concrete supplier. The concrete batching plant shall work stable and continuously, the concrete transit mixer truck shall be enough for the projects. There shall be reliable communication modes between concrete batching plant, working site and concrete transit mixer driver;

2. Choose a suitable concrete pump according to the concrete grade, maximum delivery distance and height, maximum delivery capacity and detailed working plan of the project. The delivery pipe shall be arranged according to projects requirement, and try your best to shorten the pipe length and use less elbow and hose;

3. Choose a suitable concrete placing boom. After the concrete is delivered to the top of the building, it shall be delivered to different places. You have to consider the total area of the building, piping length to make sure the concrete placing boom can cover the whole floor and place the concrete quickly and uniformly; 

For detailed information and solution, please contact us and consult our professional engineers.

Working site of Concrete Conveying for High-rise Building

The Concrete Conveying for High-rise Building is widely used for different projects all over the world. HAMAC exported the Concrete Conveying for High-rise Building to different countries and got good comments from our clients. They are used in different working sites for different projects.

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