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HAMAC Concrete Machinery Company, guided by the corporate spirit of "Integrity, Professionalism, Collaboration, Innovation, and People-Oriented", has garnered widespread recognition and market reputation by adhering to a perfect business philosophy, excellent technical support, pragmatic work attitude, and meticulous service in the sales industry.

While continuously exploring new business development models, our company is also constantly enhancing its own brand image, boldly advancing in the rapidly evolving new internet era. We welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide, and negotiate business with us.

concrete mixer truck
concrete mixer truck price

Advantages of concrete mixer trucks in Philippines

Spacious ride

The cab adopts a widened design to broaden the driving field of vision and reduce driving fatigue.

Large capacity mixing tank

The vehicle uses a large-capacity mixing tank to improve mixing efficiency and reduce working time.

pressure resistant tires

Made of preferred rubber, it is wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, suitable for a variety of road conditions and improves transportation efficiency.

Preferred steel

The body is made of high-quality steel and has a good structure and good load-bearing effect.

price of truck in the philippines
concrete mixer truck price in the philippines

Why choose our HAMAC Machinery?

Lightweight yet High Configuration

The entire vehicle adopts lightweight design, starting from reducing weight in details, with structures such as the tank body and chassis made of high-performance materials with excellent strength.

High-quality Materials, Long Lifespan

The aluminum alloy tanker has high strength and excellent ductility, with abrasion resistance performance exceeding that of ordinary steel plates by more than two times, thereby enhancing transportation efficiency.

Good Conductivity, Fast Conduction

The vehicle employs an aluminum alloy tank body, which promptly dissipates static electricity generated during material loading, unloading, and transportation processes, thereby reducing the probability of accidents.

High Loading Capacity, Fast Unloading

The aluminum alloy has low density and high strength, with a rated load capacity exceeding 35 tons. Furthermore, equipped with a 5-inch bottom discharge pipeline, it minimizes resistance, enabling fast unloading and enhancing both intake and discharge efficiency.

concrete mixer truck
concrete mixer truck price

Low maintenance cost

The aluminum alloy tank body is shiny and aesthetically pleasing, requiring no coating or surface treatment. It is very easy to clean, resulting in significantly low maintenance costs.

High efficiency

Optimize the vulcanization angle of the tank and the radius of curvature of the cylinder to reduce fluidization dead corners, significantly reduce the material residue in the tank, and improve usage efficiency.

Wide range of applications

It can transport cement, fly ash, lime powder and other powdery materials. Special tanks are designed for special media to ensure higher operating efficiency.

Kind tips

The mixer tank trucks sold by our company are of various models, so the prices are different. When you purchase, you can call customer service to inquire about the specific price according to the model or parameters of the vehicle. Ensure that the products sold are truthfully described and will not sell bad or low-quality products Our products are of high quality and meet the standards Product quality is reliable, and customers' needs are met with considerate and efficient services. Have a strong pre-sales and after-sales team to bring you a satisfactory shopping experience

Working site of concrete mixer truck for sale

The concrete mixer truck for sale is widely used for different projects all over the world. HAMAC exported the concrete mixer truck for sale to different countries and got good comments from our clients. They are used in different working sites for different projects.

8m<sup>3</sup> concrete mixer truck in Lima, Peru 8m3 concrete mixer truck in Lima, Peru Application Country: Lima, Peru

In 2019, we delivered three units of 8m3 MIXER drum for the mixer truck to Peru. The client purchased several units second hand chassis from local market. And he sent us the dimension of his chassis. Our engineer designed the mixer drum accordingly. The client was satisfied with our quality and design after he received the goods. As a concrete m…

Enterprise strength and service support

Integrating R&D, production, distribution, and service-providing into one enterprise, HAMAC attaches great importance to communication with customers. We have established an after sales visit team consisting of more than 56 persons. On the one hand, they timely solve the problems that our customers encounter; on the other hand, they collect feedback and improvement recommendations from our customers, to correctly orient our development and research.

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