skid steer winter use and maintenance points

skid steer winter use and maintenance points

Source: Hamac Machinery

When mechanical equipment is used in winter, low temperature will make it difficult to start the engine, the coolant is easy to freeze, and the parts wear and fuel consumption increase significantly. Therefore, all aircraft friends should pay attention to the preheating work of sliding in winter, which is very key to reduce the failure rate and improve the service life of the equipment.

After the whole vehicle is powered on, the Mattson skid steer loader can automatically warm up according to the vehicle's own sensor and preset program. You only need to wait for the countdown displayed on the instrument panel to complete, and then start the engine. If the start is not successful, turn off the key switch. Then turn the key switch to the power on position of the whole vehicle for preheating again. Note: the interval between two starts is more than 30 seconds.

Before preheating, don't forget to check your Meilian equipment, carefully check whether the indicators on the instrument panel are normal, whether there is oil leakage and water leakage, and listen to the sound of abnormal vibration of the engine and other components. It's right to be careful.

After the inspection, first keep the engine running at the lowest speed for 5 minutes, and then increase the speed to the high speed for 5 minutes to fully warm the engine. After that, operate each oil cylinder without load for 5-10 times to fully circulate and heat up the hydraulic oil. At the same time, operate the equipment to turn left and right and walk back and forth for 3 times respectively. When the system temperature rises to 50 ~ 80 degrees, you can start the formal operation.


Timely maintenance, replace it when it's time

The low temperature in winter will affect the smooth operation of Mattson skid steer. In order to maintain the stable performance of the equipment, all maintenance parts should be replaced. If you can't bear it for a while, you may pay a greater price.

Use diesel oil with low freezing point and good fluidity: at low temperature, the viscosity of the fuel oil increases and the fluidity becomes poor. Poor atomization is easy to worsen the combustion process of the fuel oil and significantly reduce the power and economy of the engine. Therefore, the fuel with low freezing point should be selected. The general selection principle is that the freezing point of fuel oil is about 5 ℃ lower than the ambient temperature.

Select engine oil with low viscosity: the viscosity of engine oil increases with the decrease of temperature, the fluidity becomes poor and the friction resistance increases, which will make it difficult to start the engine. This adverse effect should be compensated or eliminated by replacing the oil with low viscosity in time.

Replace low-temperature hydraulic oil: replace the hydraulic oil suitable for the local minimum temperature for Mattson skid steer equipment to avoid uncoordinated action caused by low hydraulic oil temperature.

Replace lubricating oil and grease used in winter: in winter, whether it is lubricating oil or grease, select products with low viscosity and low condensation point of base oil, which can produce good lubrication at low air temperature.

Filling antifreeze: when the temperature is too low and the conditions permit, antifreeze can be used. The cooling system should be thoroughly cleaned before use, and antifreeze with good quality and low corrosivity should be selected.

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