Talking About The Undesirable Current Situation Of The Use Of Loader

Talking About The Undesirable Current Situation Of The Use Of Loader

Source: Hamac Machinery
The use efficiency and service life of the loader are closely related to the management methods of the use enterprise. If the management is neglected, the abnormal loss of the equipment will increase, which will increase the failure rate and even bury hidden dangers. So, what are the undesirable status quo in the current use of loaders?

Loader equipment management personnel lack knowledge of mechanical equipment management, and lack knowledge of equipment maintenance and maintenance. Some good equipment has higher requirements for the quality of parts and fuel, lubricating oil, and hydraulic oil. Some purchasers lack business knowledge and have a weak sense of responsibility. They have purchased some inferior parts and inferior oil to make some better Mechanical equipment, due to the use of inferior parts and low-quality oil, causes early damage to the mechanical equipment and reduces the efficiency of the use of mechanical equipment.

Because the construction site conditions of various construction projects are relatively complex, the environment is relatively harsh, and the pipelines and trenches are relatively chaotic, and there are many equipments, vehicles and people, the traffic is not smooth, and the construction sites are generally relatively remote. It is very difficult in this situation. It is difficult to maintain the system in a timely manner.

Due to insufficient attention, some valuable mining loader structural parts are not equipped with full-time maintenance personnel in time. They are all personnel who have not received relevant training and know a little about the working principle of machinery to maintain the machinery. These people are not familiar with the maintenance of construction machinery. Procedures and points, and maintenance records cannot be well maintained.

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