What Preparations Should Be Made Before Loader Operation?

What Preparations Should Be Made Before Loader Operation?

Source: Hamac Machinery
Before the loader is operated, check the fuel, cooling water and lubricating oil, check the reliability of driving and parking brakes, check the operation of the bucket system when there is no load, and check the loader-related items in the forklift inspection content.

The engine part should be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the general operating regulations, and a signal should be sent before the engine is started or operated. Check the hydraulic system for leakage; the tire excavator should check whether its tires are intact and whether the air pressure meets the regulations; check the transmission, braking system, slewing mechanism, and instruments and meters, and after trial operation, allow entry to work after confirming that it is normal status.

Learn more about the construction tasks and site conditions, check the firmness and stability of the soil where the loader stops. The tire loader should be supported to keep it stable and reliable. Check the stability of the road cutting and trench slope to prevent the loader from overturning. It is strictly forbidden for any personnel to stay in the loader operation area, and irrelevant personnel are prohibited from entering the cab. There should be roads for dump trucks to enter and exit the operation site.

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