Application of skid steer loader in the construction field

Application of skid steer loader in the construction field

Source: Hamac Machinery

The skid steer loader is applicable to many fields and can also play a great role in the construction field. It is inseparable from the sliding loader in the construction field. Let's follow Xiaobian to understand it. I believe we can further understand this kind of machinery.

Construction site basement backfilling

At present, the basement backfilling is mainly carried out by small loader or small excavation in China, but due to the height limit, the efficiency is very low and inconvenient. Because the height of the sliding loader is only more than one meter to two meters, and it can turn around 360 degrees in place, it is more efficient than the general loader and small excavation.

Loading in a narrow space

In many corners of the construction site, when the loading trucks were not able to enter the ordinary large loaders, they could not adjust their heads even if they entered the house. So they had to ask the workers to shovel them out with spades before moving them away, but with the skid loader, because it was very small, it could turn around and easily load the car.

Leveling site

At ordinary times, we use small excavation to level the site, but the small excavation itself is very slow because its movement mode is crawler, and it uses the combined movement of large and small arms and bucket. If the loader is used for leveling, the efficiency will be greatly improved.

Crushing operation

Usually, small excavation is used to break the ground or concrete blocks on the construction site, but it is still relatively slow if the bucket and crushing hammer are not replaced quickly. When the sliding loader is broken with a crushing hammer, the principle is different from that of small excavation. It can add its own weight to the crushing hammer, so the crushing efficiency will be higher than that of small excavation. Moreover, the speed of changing accessories of skid steer loader is very fast, which can be done in basically 2 minutes.

Waste cleaning operation (grab function)

There are a lot of waste iron wires and wastes on the construction site. It is very troublesome to clean them up. Loaders and excavators have no such function and can only be used manually, but the labor efficiency is relatively low. At this time, the sliding loader can directly clean up the waste by replacing the bucket with a grab.

Forklift operation (forklift function)

Occasionally, there will be some handling work on the construction site, especially the handling of materials with pallets. There are few forklifts on the construction site, and the labor is too slow and unsafe. At this time, the sliding loader changes the bucket into a fork and directly turns into a forklift.

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