What role can skid steer loaders play in shipyards?

What role can skid steer loaders play in shipyards?

Source: Hamac Machinery

The role of skid steer loaders in shipyards is relatively simple, that is, sand cleaning in the coating workshop. Sand blasting process is an important procedure in shipyards (use high-pressure sprayed sand to remove rust on ship steel plates). These blasted sand should be recycled, but because the height and width available for equipment operation in the spraying workshop are limited, Ordinary loaders are basically immovable inside, so the compactness and flexibility of sliding loaders play a great advantage at this time.

The biggest feature of skid steer loader is that the overall dimension of the whole machine is small, and it can turn in place; Various working devices can be replaced or connected randomly and quickly at the operation site. Because its minimum turning radius is less than half of that of Articulated Loaders of the same grade, it is especially suitable for operations in narrow places such as urban infrastructure, roads or construction sites, workshops, warehouses, docks, ship decks and even cabins.

Due to the short wheelbase, the sliding loader works particularly flexibly in a narrow space. Moreover, in a narrow space, the sliding equipment can not only provide the original loading operation, but also realize various types of engineering operations through accessories, so as to maximize the speed of engineering construction. And thanks to the comprehensive design, its own lighting system can provide comprehensive lighting within the scope of the project. The cab of the skid steer loader is in the center of the equipment, which can not only ensure stability, but also fully ensure the safety of the operator. Working efficiency expert in narrow space - sliding loader.

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