Safety issues are very important when operating excavator buckets

Safety issues are very important when operating excavator buckets

Source: Hamac Machinery
In recent years, the application of excavators in construction has become more and more extensive, and construction can be carried out for different projects. The safety of excavator buckets must be paid attention to during the construction process. Because the excavator has a wide range of uses, powerful functions, and relatively good digging power, we must pay great attention to it during the operation to avoid safety accidents. Here are some precautions for you, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

The use of an excavator can provide construction speed and reduce the labor burden of workers. A slight careless operation of the excavator bucket may cause accidents. Therefore, it is forbidden for anyone to go up and down the excavator to pass items during the operation. While performing maintenance. Do not adjust the engine hydraulic system and electronic control system at will. Care must be taken to choose a reasonable working surface. It is strictly forbidden to use a bucket to dig a hole.

During the unloading process, the excavator needs to wait for it to stop before unloading. When unloading, it cannot collide with any part of the loading and unloading truck, and the height of the bucket needs to be reduced. It is necessary to prohibit the bucket from passing over the top of the dump truck cab, which is most likely to cause accidents. The bucket cannot be used to break rocks and other solid objects during work. If you encounter larger rocks, you need to remove them before continuing. It is forbidden to use the bucket to break rocks above level 5, which will easily cause damage to the bucket.

During the parallel movement of the excavator, it is necessary to level the ground first, clear the obstacles in the passage in time, and prohibit the bucket from lifting the excavator, which is prone to accidents. After the bucket leaves the ground, the driver should not drive horizontally. The driver should concentrate on the operation to avoid other accidents.

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