Factors affecting bucket life

Factors affecting bucket life

Source: Hamac Machinery
The bucket is an indispensable supporting equipment in the use of excavators. A correct understanding of the bucket in practical applications can reduce the wear of the bucket in use and increase the service life of the bucket. Then the factors that affect the length of the bucket life What is it?

1. Improper starting of the equipment causes overall damage to the equipment, especially in winter, because the driver quickly starts the diesel engine and often starts with sewage, which makes it impossible to start according to the normal method. This method can easily cause serious damage to the equipment. It is forbidden to start in anhydrous state. The correct way is to preheat the equipment and inject water at a suitable temperature. After touching it with water, it will feel hot. Then close the valve. The cleanliness of the water injected into the water tank should be good. Reverse, add lubricating oil appropriately to improve the heat effect of the excavator.

2. Choose a low-quality fuel engine. The use of inferior products will affect the life of the engine, cause damage to the product during use, cause poor fluidity of the oil, increase viscosity, and cause poor atomization, incomplete combustion, and cause diesel engines The maneuverability declines, so when choosing the fuel, it is necessary to choose a diesel engine with a low freezing point and good ignitability, which will help drive the operation of the equipment.

3. Pay attention to the heat preservation treatment of the equipment. If you do not pay attention, it will affect the overall temperature of the equipment. It is easy to cool down during work. In the northern area, it is best to use insulation sleeves and insulation curtains to prepare for cold.

4. For the excavator bucket, wear is the most important aspect to reduce the life. If the equipment wears a lot in use, it will directly cause the life of the bucket to be reduced, and the equipment must be replaced.

5. Overload operation of the bucket. For the excavator bucket, the overload operation in use will cause the wear of various parts to increase, and the cylinder or spring will break, so it is necessary to Watch out.

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