Portable Cement Silo for Sale

Portable Cement Silo for Sale

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Portable cement silo, as its name implies, is a kind of bolted type cement silo for sale in HAMAC Machinery that is convenient to move, transport and install. Because of the characteristics of this equipment, the movable cement silo has been widely welcomed by our customers from all over the world. Depending on the size of projects and the production efficiency of concrete batching plant, customers need to choose different specifications. The portable cement silo with the capacity from 50ton to 1000ton can be manufactured by our company. Contact us to select the most suitable model now, our professional sales manager will provide you with the best service.

The Advantages of Mobile Cement Silo

• Excellent quality, fine structure, strong anticorrosion function, exquisite appearance.
• Convenient transportation and space saving. The silo body is composed of pieces of steel frame structure, which can be shipped regardless of sizes. In addition, the volume is small and the freight is low.
• Reliable sealing construction. The use of special seal strip makes it withstand 200 degrees of high temperature detection. After the sealing strip compacts, the first time the raw material enters the cylinder, the dust will automatically into the tiny gap, which can pay a perfect self-sealing effect.
• High cost performance. The equipment is free from transportation constraints. It can allocate the reserve standard and material ration required quantity reasonably. Reduce reserve waste, convenient disassembly and installation, long useful life, and can be used repeatedly on multiple sites, greatly saving the second investment of users.
Maintenance of Portable Cement Silo
1. Filter system. Check whether the inner bag of dust collector needs to be replaced. If the device is equipped with differential pressure control, look at the differential pressure gauge directly.
2. Check cleaning system. There are mainly mechanism cleaning system and pulse cleaning system according to the different types of dust collector.
3. Dynamical system. Check if the induced draft fan is running normally.
4. Check the airtightness of the storage silo.

What Problems Can be Solved with The Mobile Silo

1. Harden problem. The mobile type cement silo with good air tightness is welded by steel plate. It won’t cause cement hardening due to external temperature difference and moist gas. The equipment can effectively solve the technical problem when the physical index drops. The indexes of the materials in the storage won’t change even if it is stored for long time.
2. Water goes into the silo bottom and the leakage problem. The bottom is made of steel plate. In addition, the external uses polymer water proof material and other technologies to make the secondary reinforcement of the bottom of the warehouse. The top and bottom of the warehouse are made of anti-corrosive materials for final waterproofing that the waterproof effect is very good.
3. Solve discharge problem. The device adopt screw conveyor for discharging. Under spiral action, it can guarantee on-demand, on-time discharge and smooth discharge and complete discharge. In the process of discharge, it can realize automatic control, improve discharge efficiency significantly and environmental protection requirements.
4. Solve the problem of grain storage. Equipped with the temperature measuring system and duct ventilation equipment, the users can monitor the change of the grain temperature and use mobile cooling ventilation device to ventilate properly to reduce grain storage losses.

There is no lowest price, only lower price. You get what you pay for. We hope you are looking for the perfect working performance of the equipment, not the low-priced inferior goods. HAMAC only provide our clients with high quality machines. Wish a cooperation with you in the future.


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