Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

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The twin shaft concrete mixer can be used for stirring all kinds of plastic, dry-hard, lightweight aggregate concrete and various types of mortar. The mixing device adopts streamlined design with low mixing resistance, smooth operation of materials and the mixing tool made of special materials reduces the possibility of materials sticking to the shaft, so that the axial sticking rate is low. Because of its high quality, high mixing efficiency and performance, the twin shaft type concrete mixer is the best choice in the industry. Basically, the mixer construction used for the production of ordinary concrete is generally the twin shaft type. The JS series twin shaft concrete mixer manufactured by our company has always been exported to many countries and has won the high praise of our clients. Welcome to send us inquiry to order, we will be your reliable choice.

Twin Shaft Mixer Design

The machine has many technical advantages in design. The main shaft sealing structure is combined by various sealing methods. The automatic lubrication system is reliably lubricated to ensure long-term reliability of the shaft end seal. The blade and the lining plate are made of high-alloy wear-resistant material. At the same time, the advanced heat treatment process and design method makes it have long service life. The stirring main reducer has the performance of high efficiency, low noise, high torque and strong impact resistance. In addition, the advanced mixer design concept perfectly solves the problem of the concrete stick axis, reduces the stirring load, improves the mixing efficiency and product reliability.

Parts of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

1.Mixinging apparatus. It is the main implementer of the action of the twin shaft mixer. The shape selection and arrangement of the stirring blades on the stirring device can affect the mixing quality.
2.Transmission device. The double horizontal shaft mixer drives the stirring device in the mixer to run through the motor drive reducer. The hopper rises up along the feeding track to the feeding door to start the mixing work. The selection of transmission device must ensure that the mixer works reliably and the transmission stable.
3.Discharging device. Its unloading methods are usually hydraulic unloading and pneumatic unloading. The hydraulic device had large power and work smoothly, which is suitable for the working condition with large concrete production. The structure of pneumatic type is simple, the working efficiency is high. So it is very convenient to operate and can reduce the labor burden of operators.
4.Feeding system. The part consists of hoisting mechanism, feeding frame, hopper and feeding nozzle.
Working Principle of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Feeding System
The brake motor drives the drum to rotate through the reducer and the wire rope climbs up along the loading rack rail through the pulley pulling hopper. When climbing to a certain height, a pair of rollers on the bottom of delivery gauge of the hopper enters the horizontal ramp of the loading rack, the delivery gauge is automatically opened and the material is put into the mixing drum through the feeding nozzle. In order to ensure the accurate positioning of the hopper, a limit switch is installed on the feeding rack. The upper limit position has two limit switches for hopper lifting limit and safety protection. The lower limit position has only one limit switch. When the hopper descends to the bottom of the pit, the wire rope pin is loose. And the spring lever mechanism makes the lower limit move and the hoist stops automatically. The lower limit position and spring lever mechanism are mounted on the top of the upper rail. The upper part of loading rack is connected by bolts which can be folded and reduce the transportation height. The brake motor ensures that the hopper can be reliably stopped at any position during full load operation. The braking torque can be adjusted by the large nut on the rear seat of the motor.
Advantages of Hamac Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer for Sale
1.Stirring more evenly. The agitation occurs not only in the radial direction but also in the axial direction. The main mixing area is located in the circumference of the agitator, and the agitation space can be fully utilized, so that the aggregate, cement and water can achieve uniform mixing mode in a short time and achieve good mixing effect under the condition of low circumference speed of the agitator blade.
2.Stirring more efficiently. Our concrete mixer has high mixing efficiency and low stirring noise. Moreover, the stirred material is directly placed in the unloading port after the completion of stirring, and the unloading time is short.
3.Better wear resistance and long service life. When it works, most of the concrete is stcked between the two mixing shafts which can reduce the wear between the mixing arms, blades and bottom liner plate so as to increase the service life.
4.Intelligent operation. The concrete slump in the mixer can be monitored and changed at any time, providing guarantee for the users to produce high quality concrete.
5.Lower energy consumption. The scientific design concept and reliable experimental data reduce the friction and impact of materials to the greatest extent. The material flow is more reasonable, which can shorten the mixing time greatly, improve the mixing efficiency and reduce the mixing energy consumption.

How To Choose The Model

The most important thing for equipment selection is to know your own requirements, especially the work amount, time limit for the project and your desired productivity. Then choose the better equipment based on specific requirements to avoid excess production capacity of equipment. The related configuration of the device must be configured according to its actual situation, so as to avoid cost waste.

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer Manufacturer

Purchasing the equipment from a reliable twin shaft cement mixer manufacturer can ensure the quality and efficiency of the machine. Hamac Machinery is a professional manufacturer of various concrete equipment with advanced technology and mature manufacturing process. All of our machines have strict factory standards and the quality is trustworthy. Meanwhile, our price is very reasonable and competitive with no third party. If you have any need, please contact us to consult.

There is no lowest price, only lower price. You get what you pay for. We hope you are looking for the perfect working performance of the equipment, not the low-priced inferior goods. HAMAC only provide our clients with high quality machines. Wish a cooperation with you in the future.


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