HAMAC Planetary Concrete Mixer

HAMAC Planetary Concrete Mixer

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Planetary concrete mixer equipment is also known as the name vertical shaft concrete mixer, it is a machine that performs planetary agitation in the form of a vertical shaft. This unique and novel mixing form allows the material to be strongly sheared and kneaded in the mixing drum, coupled with complex motion trajectory to achieve micro uniform effect. This concrete mixing equipment completely realizes the operation of stirring without dead angle. It has strong adaptability to various performance raw materials and strong mixing ability, which makes it be the necessary equipment for high-performance concrete equipment in the concrete industry. And planetary concrete mixer for sale in our company will meet your various requirements.

Planetary Concrete Mixer Working Method

The equipment has a unique and novel form of mixing with two or three agitators and one or two automatic wall scraping knives in the kettle. When the planetary frame rotates, the three stirring axes in the box are driven to revolve around the material barrel. At the same time, the agitator rotates around its own axis at different speeds while revolving around the axis of the escalator, which makes the material do complex movements in the kettle and is subjected to strong shearing and kneading to achieve full dispersion and mixing.
There is a wall scraper on the planetary rack, which rotates with the planetary rack and continuously scrapes and swabbed the barrel wall to make the barrel wall free of stagnant material and improve the mixing effect. The length of the mixing time of planetary concrete mixer can be adjusted according to the material properties. Operators can adjust and control through the control panel. The cover and planetary agitator are lifted and lowered by double column hydraulic pressure, which is very convenient and quick to operate.

Wide Application of Vertical Shaft Concrete Mixer

• High quality concrete. Dry-rigid, semi-rigid and plastic concrete, high grade concrete.
• Precast concrete, cellular and lightweight concrete, pigment concrete and shotcrete.
• Cement pipe and telegraph pole.
• Production of prefabricated components, such as, motor wallboard, subway tube piece, floor slab, stair, precast bridge, prestressed pipe, water supply pipe, etc…
• Block brick production.
• Underground integrated pipe gallery.
• Pipe pile industry.
• Artificial marble.
• Sludge treatment and solid waste treatment production line.
• The mixing of environment-friendly material.
• Welding material agitation.
• Other granular special materials.

Main Parts of Planetary Concrete Mixer

1.Transmission device. Specially designed for the vertical shaft concrete mixer, the special reducer adopts the newly developed gearbox of German technology with the features of low noise, large torque and strong durability. Even under severe production conditions, the power balance can be effectively distributed to each agitating device, so as to ensure the normal operation of the mixer, achieve high stability and low maintenance cost and higher operational reliability.
2.Actuating device. The single-motor drive mode eliminates the output out-of-synchronization phenomenon. The overall structure of vertical shaft concrete mixer is compact, which can ensure there is enough space for the layout of the production line.
3.Stirring device. When the planetary shaft with blades installed in the mixing cylinder rotates, the materials will be extruded, turned over and other combined actions for compulsory stirring. The mixing blade is set as a parallelogram structure, and users can rotate 180 degrees according to the actual wear condition for re-use, which can improve the utilization rate and service life of blades effectively. In addition, a special discharge scraper is designed for the discharge speed to improve the productivity.
4.Metering device. Optional aggregate lifting hopper. The loading door on the mixer is automatically opened when the discharge door is unloaded. When the hopper falls, the feeding door is automatically closed to prevent dust from overflowing and achieve the effect of environmental protection.
5.Discharging device. The discharge door can be opened and closed by pneumatic or hydraulic means according to the different requirements of customers. The number of discharges can be up to three, and special sealing device are designed on the discharge door to ensure a firm seal and reliable control.

Mixing Forms of The Vertical Shaft Concrete Mixer

It has a variety of stirring forms, mainly divided into standard stirring form and differential mixing form to meet different mixing needs of customers. The differential agitation form consists of a set of quick output devices, and the mixing tools can be individually designed to meet the mixing requirements of different materials for different customers.
Advantages of Hamac Planetary Concrete Mixer
• High mixing efficiency and homogeneity. Through the planetary agitator, the mixing material is forced stirred up and down, sheared and mixed. The stirring action intensity is high and there is no dead angle to make the material achieve the standard of decomposition, stirring and mixing. The standard also includes no physical and mechanical damage to the raw materials.
• Meet different mixing accuracy. The mixing process of different industries has different requirements on the mixing precision. The vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer can control the mixing precision through differential agitation to meet the mixing quality requirements of various industries. During the mixing process, there is no leakage material and agitation inefficient zone, so it can achieve 100% mixing uniformity.
• Low maintenance rate and long service life. Its flexible structure design and unique mixing working mode lay a foundation for the long-term use of the machine. There is no possibility of leakage of slurry at the shaft end of the mixer and no phenomenon of material holding the shaft. The agitator of planetary concrete mixer has higher wear resistance than the twin shaft concrete mixer. In addition, the blades of planetary type can also be reused, which solves the cost of wearing parts for customers.
• Suitable for many kinds of materials and production lines. The working principle of vertical shaft concrete mixer machine makes it more adaptable in the application of mixing materials. With complete models, compact structure and flexible unloading mode, it can adapt to various production lines and can be used in the production of various industries effectively.

Planetary Concrete Mixer Manufacturers

The planetary concrete mixer machine is compact in structure, smooth in transmission, novel in style, excellent in performance, economical and durable, convenient in installation and maintenance, and free from slurry leakage, which makes this type especially popular in construction. Hamac Group has advanced machinery, strict management system, excellent service quality, good credibility and have been trusted by our customers for many years. So if you would like to buy a planetary concrete mixer, we will be your ideal choice.

There is no lowest price, only lower price. You get what you pay for. We hope you are looking for the perfect working performance of the equipment, not the low-priced inferior goods. HAMAC only provide our clients with high quality machines. Wish a cooperation with you in the future.


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