HMC400 self loading concrete mixer to EUROPE

HMC400 self loading concrete mixer to EUROPE

Source: Hamac Machinery
Thinking of this order, I am thinking a big lesson I learned of how to deal with a middle man, which means never get in touch with the final client even with or without the permission of the middle man, or you loses the order permanently, even if I mean nothing, I just didn’t think too much, I think too simple, well, I didn’t get a second chance, cause that is how the world works, they never tell you anything is coming, and there is no back up plan or second chance for a reality show.
Back to the deal, it is a nice client, aim accurate, order fast, with no hesitate just go for it that kind, best client for all sales I should say, all the way down smooth, the problem is when he tried his second order and the end user come to me for a small after sale service question, then he mentioned that they are in a hurry to make a decision on the second order tomorrow, so they need the quote asap, without a second thought, I passed it to him, then no no story for me no more, until I see their second order site video on his facebook, oh,my god, even no one ever tells me anything, I think I have figured it out and though I never try to cross the line, I did, what a lesson.
No more cliche about the self loading mixer, with all the article wrote I think you knew it well as I do, if it still confused you, contact me below, thanks
If you are interested and want to know more, talk to Jarvis or WHATSAPP 0086 176 3001 3287, see you soon.

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