HAMAC HMC400 self loading concrete mixer delivering to Tonga

HAMAC HMC400 self loading concrete mixer delivering to Tonga

Source: Hamac Machinery
Before lunar new year eve I never thought this year can be so different, anyway it just did, and it still is, well, enough for these sad talks, we need some pep talk, here comes my second deal this year, the self loading mixer HMC400,
Talking about this mixer, the set of self loading mixer will be our first set in the country but not the last I am sure, cause I have so much confident in this machine, after many tests and checks, I believe our self loading mixer now is the best, and can be tested by any circumstance, the fact is it give us no bad reports or reply yet, and I believe the yet can last forever,
Talk about the self loading mixer again, a short introduction to all the customers who are interested and ready to order, but I think you know it already,
HMC400 is our most good sell model of self loading mixer now, it is one piece frame, engine option has YUCHAI and CUMMINS, while CUMMINS sold more cause easy after sale service spares local and durable features, we use TOTAL hydraulic oil, EATON pump, two water pump to speed up, construction tyres, we have scales and AC and can rotate drum, four wheel drive, two wheel steering, it is the best you can have.
If you are interested and want to know more, talk to Jarvis hamac26@hamacchina.com or WHATSAPP 0086 176 3001 3287, see you soon.

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