What makes a concrete batching plant

What makes a concrete batching plant

Source: Hamac Machinery
Concrete batching plant consist of material storing system, material weighting system, material conveying system, mixing system, powder material storing system, powder material conveying system, powder material weighing system, water and additive weighing system and control system five main parts and other accessory devices.
Concrete mixer

By mixing modes concrete mixer can be described as forced mix and gravity mix. Forced type mixer is the main stream on concrete batching plant market, it can mix liquid type concrete, half dry concrete and dry concrete multiple type concrete. Gravity type concrete mixers mainly are for liquid type concrete which is rarely applied in concrete batching plants.
Forced type concrete mixer can be separated as main shaft planetary mixer, single shaft horizontal mixer, and twin shaft horizontal mixer, among them twin shaft horizontal mixer has the best integrated applicable performance.
Weighing system

Material weighing system of concrete batching plant is a key part which can affect concrete quality and concrete production cost, it consist of aggregate weighing, powder material weighing and liquid weighing three parts. Normally batching plant capacity below 20cbm per hour apply accumulated weighing method, as aggregates(sand, rock) use a scale, cement and fly ash use a scale, water and liquid additive needs separate weighing, and then pour the liquid additive into the water scale for premix. And for batching plant capacity which is 50cbm per hour and above, separated weighing is mostly applied, all weighing are controlled by digital scale and computer. Aggregate weighing accuracy ±2%,cement, powder material, water and additive weighing accuracy can all get to ±1%。
Conveying system

Material convey consist of three parts:

1.aggregate convey:concrete batching plant has bucket conveying and belt conveying two modes, advantage of bucket conveying is small area coverage, simple structure. Advantage of belt conveying is long conveying distance, high efficiency, and low break down rate. Belt conveying mainly applies to concrete batching plant which has storing hopper, in order to increase the productivity.
2.powder material conveying:applicable powder materials are cement, fly ash and mine powder. Most commonly applied conveying mode is screw conveyor conveying, for mage batching plant there are options of pneumatic conveying and scraper conveying. Advantage of screw conveying is simple structure, low cost and reliable functioning.
3.liquid conveyingmainly water and liquid additive, they are supplied by water pump.
Storing system

Concrete use material storing mode is basically the same. Aggregates in open air(some city massive commercial concrete batching plant use sealed storing hopper as well); powder material use all sealed steel structure silo; additive use steel structure tank for storage.
Control system

Control system on concrete bathing plant is the nervous centralis, based on various client request and models of concrete batching plant, the control system will have different function and layout, generally speaking operation site using small concrete batching plant system is comparatively simple, while bigger plant system can be complex.

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