How to choose a suitable concrete batching plant

How to choose a suitable concrete batching plant

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There are over hundreds of concrete batching plant manufacturer domestic, all kinds of them, and some has already attained a good reputation, and becoming famous domestic brands, some of them owns technology approaching or already able to compare with abroad brand. Besides there are also so many agent abroad brand product. So, when facing such abundant supply, how to choose a suitable plant for your own? Please follow the below rules.

(1)production scale

Based on your own production scale to choose suitable concrete batching plant model. Annually production capacity below 200,000 m3, plant 90m3/h and above is recommended; Annually production capacity between 200,000 一300,000 m3, plant 120m3/h is recommended; Annually production capacity requires 300,000 m3and above, plant 150 m3/h or 200m3/h is recommended.

(2)operation site

According to the size of your operation site, you can choose concrete batching tower or plant. For choosing concrete batching tower, one time aggregate lifting, for same capacity mixer, mixing tower will get a higher mixing efficiency, from outside the whole tower looks nice and neat, with small coverage and better production surroundings, however longer lead time and high invest can be its con. For choosing concrete batching plant, aggregates needs two time lifting, but the distribution can be flexible, shorter lead and install time and lower cost can be its advantage, but bigger site coverage and worse production surroundings can also be its con.

(3) matching equipment

Based on the matching equipment capacity to choose mixer model and size. For example, transit mixer capacity should work with mixer discharge capacity, mismatching will affect efficiency. Loader lift feeding ability should be matching with batching machine feeding height.

There is no lowest price, only lower price. You get what you pay for. We hope you are looking for the perfect working performance of the equipment, not the low-priced inferior goods. HAMAC only provide our clients with high quality machines. Wish a cooperation with you in the future.


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