The Working Principle of Bolted type Storage Silo

The Working Principle of Bolted type Storage Silo

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The Working Principle of Bolted type Storage Silo

When the bolted cement silo works, it must be erected by a special crane, and then placed on the precast concrete foundation. Then check the verticality of the cement tank to the horizontal plane after standing up and weld its bottom to the embedded parts of the foundation firmly.
After the storage silo is erected, the bulk cement truck will transport the cement to the construction site, and then connect the conveying pipeline of the truck with the feed pipeline of the bolted cement tank. Then the cement can be transported into the cement tank by the air pressure from air compressor in the truck..
During the process of transporting cement into the storage bin, the operator should press the button of the duster vibration motor uninterruptedly to shake off the cement attached to the bag of the dust collector to prevent the bag from jamming and a burst occurring.
Once the cloth bag is blocked and the pressure inside the cement silo exceeds the safety pressure of the top pressure safety valve. The operators should open the pressure relief valve to release the pressure in the silo to prevent the explosion accident.
The silo body is equipped with level indicator, and operators can observe the full or lack of material through the high and low material levels.
When the cement is need unloading, open the manual unloading valve at the bottom of the cone firstly, and then transport the cement out through the cement screw conveyor. In the process of discharging, if the phenomenon of arching occurs, press the button of the solenoid valve of the air blowing device in time to blow the air. Eliminate the phenomenon of caking and feed to ensure the smooth supply of cement.
When the cement conveying device fails, close the manual unloading butterfly valve at the bottom of the cone to prevent cement overflow and waste.


Installation Procedure of Cement Silo

The installation of the bolted silo should follow the top-down sequence. Check the order and details below.

1.Leg Installation. Its supporting leg is composed of eight vertical columns and the horizontal and diagonal brace connecting the columns. When installing, divide the legs into four handles, install with a single handle first and then install the connection by handle.
2.Ring beam installation. Firstly, four shackles are welded on the inner side of the four joints, use four steel wire ropes to hang the four shackles around the ring beam. Then lift the hook slowly and place the ring beam of the cement silo in place on the operating platform below the ring beam.
3.Funnel installation. It should be assembled on a flat floor first. In order to prevent introversion, the assembly of the middle layer should be complemented by the inner side of the sleeper.
4.Body installation. First, install the first and second bin bodies and connect the two parts. Hang the four lifting ears on the upper part of the upper part and tighten the wire rope slightly. After the whole body is lifted and the corresponding position of the funnel are aligned, tighten the relevant bolts on the operating platform under the ring beam. Then install the middle body in the same way.
5.Installation of top cover and dust collector. After the top cover is connected to the dust remover, make a safety fence on the roof. The distance between the vertical bars of the fence is less than 1.2m. When welding, the thickness of the welding seam should be greater than 6mm to ensure the continuous and uniform welding seam.
6.Feed pipe installation. Hold the upper end of the feeding pipe with a steel wire rope and tighten the wire rope slightly. After the feeding pipe is in place, weld it with the support frame and weld the upper end of the pipe with the feeding pipe and seal it.

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