Mobile Type Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

Mobile Type Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

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The mobile concrete batching plant is a kind of portable concrete mixing plant specially developed according to the actual needs of users who needs to change the construction site frequently and the construction period is short, construction line is long. The model mainly concentrates the material weighing system, material conveying system, material storage system, mixing system, unloading system and automatic control system of the tradition concrete mixing station equipment on one trailer unit for easy movement. This model has the same working principle as stationary concrete batching plant in working process, operation mode and maintenance. At the same time, it has unique features of flexible movement, quick disassembly and simple storage management, which makes it the best type for some mobile construction projects, such as roads, railways, bridges, ports and hydroelectric projects. The mobile concrete batching plant for sale in HAMAC group includes hauling types and modular type with different specifications for customers to choose the suitable model according to their own needs.

Hauling Type Mobile Concrete Plant

The hauling type mobile batching plant adopts semi-trailer types design with two wheels. Its main equipment is integrated with material storage, metering, conveying, stirring and controlling. The structure is compact and the functions are complete. In addition, the equipment can be installed without special foundation, no need to debug, which can maximize the savings in installation and debugging time. In order to facilitate the transportation, the mixing plant can be divided into several standard modules and loaded into containers. The hauling type comes with a walking system and a standard traction pin that a locomotive can tow it away. Check the models with technical specifications below and send us inquiry to tell us more about your requirements now.

Parts of Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Mixing host. We generally use JS type forced concrete mixer machine, which can mix fluidity and dry hard concrete quickly and evenly.
The host chassis. A cantilevered stirring main engine chassis comprises a tractive pin of a trailer truck and a parking leg. The measurement scale of cement and water mixture are placed on the chassis and the surrounding area is equipped with inspection platform and railing.
Control system. The control room is at the bottom of the chassis of the main engine, which is equipped with full automatic control system. When the device is in the working state, the control room is as the front supporting point of the whole station. Then the control room is stored in the empty space of the support when it need to be transported to other construction sites and the control lines needn’t to be disassembled.
Aggregate batching metering system. This system is usually placed at the back end of the whole station, the upper part is aggregate storage hopper which can be divided into two or four grids. The bottom is equipped with a walking rear bridge and a frame leg for working.
Belt conveyor rack. The frame is a truss structure connecting the host chassis and the aggregate ingredient frame, and a belt frame is installed inside. The main frame, belt frame and the batching frame are integrated to form the main structure of the entire mobile mixing station.
Peripheral components. No matter work or transportation, they are the whole parts, no need to disassemble and can be transported and disassembled as a whole.

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