Precautions for excavator bucket

Precautions for excavator bucket

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With the continuous development of the construction industry, many office buildings, business convention and exhibition centers are newly built, and there are many road constructions, including railway construction and highway construction. We will all see that excavators play an important role, and the excavator bucket is a more important part. So, what are the precautions for the excavator bucket?

First of all, before starting the excavator bucket, you should retract the entire bucket with the long rod. You can also insert the fixed pins of the platform and the frame. You should also pay attention to the plug that connects the entire circuit and check the power supply. When starting, you must keep your eyes open and observe the entire surrounding environment, especially to prevent touching wires or other facilities.

When the road is rough, especially in bad weather, especially when the road is muddy, icy, snowy, or soft, the excavator must drive the front and rear axles at the same time. Especially for bad weather with low visibility, you should generally pay attention to stop the operation when it is within 10m.

There are still many precautions for excavator buckets, and there are many things we should pay attention to. The first is that you must be careful not to carry people and loads in the bucket. This is very unsafe. Secondly, there must be no people staying within the entire bucket turning radius, and when you are working, you must pay attention to avoid working under high-voltage transmission lines.

During the entire excavator operation, you must pay attention to the support legs firmly and firmly, and then if two excavators work together at the same time, be sure to maintain a relatively safe distance to prevent the boom from colliding with each other.

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