How to replace the bucket?

How to replace the bucket?

Source: Hamac Machinery
To replace the bucket is actually to remove the stick pin and the connecting rod bucket cylinder pin, remove the originally used bucket, and then use the stick pin and connecting rod pin of other buckets or working devices with the bucket. Connecting the rod and the connecting rod is the process of installing the arm pin and the connecting rod pin. The matters needing attention in the process of replacing the bucket are as follows:

(1) When hitting the pin with a hammer, metal shavings may fly into the eyes and cause serious injury. When performing this operation, always wear goggles, helmets, gloves and other protective equipment.

(2) When unloading the bucket, place the bucket steadily.

(3) Hit the pin shaft hard, the pin shaft may fly out and injure people around. Therefore, before hitting the pin again, the safety of the people around should be ensured.

(4) When disassembling the overhead shaft, pay special attention not to stand under the bucket, and do not put your feet or any part of your body under the bucket. When disassembling or installing the pin, for the sake of safety, clarify the signals with each other and work carefully with the personnel involved in the connection work.

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