Manual and fixed concrete placing boom

Manual and fixed concrete placing boom

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Manual concrete placing boom: The concrete placing boom is a new product developed to expand the concrete pouring range and improve the mechanization level of pumping construction. It is an auxiliary equipment for concrete pump, which is connected with concrete pump to expand the concrete pumping range. It effectively solves the problem of wall-casting fabrics and plays an important role in improving construction efficiency and reducing labor intensity. The design of the placing boom is reasonable, the structure is stable and reliable, and which adopt 360° full-rotation boom structure. The whole machine is simple in operation and flexible in rotation, and has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, economy and practicality.


Fixed concrete placing boom: which is the special concrete pouring and distributing equipment specially designed for railway beam field, nuclear power engineering construction; mobile concrete placing boom has "Z" shaped three-section folding arm, 360° rotation, capable of pitching and folding in the range of the length of the boom, the three-dimensional space can be fully poured, without casting dead angles, which can easily realize the concrete pouring of various construction operations such as wall, pipe, column and pile; the inner climbing concrete placing boom is a high-rise building placing equipment for concrete construction.

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