Mixing device of concrete mixer truck

Mixing device of concrete mixer truck

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It mainly consists of a mixing drum and its auxiliary support parts. The mixing drum is a concrete loading container. It is made of high-quality wear-resistant steel sheet. In order to automatically load and unload concrete, the inner wall is welded with special-shaped spiral blades. The concrete moves in the direction of the spiral of the blades as it rotates and is mixed and agitated during constant lifting and turning. During the feeding and transportation process, the mixing drum rotates forward and the concrete moves inward along the blades. When discharging, the mixing drum is reversed and the concrete is discharged outward along the blades.

The rotation of the mixing drum is ensured by a hydraulic drive. The loading capacity is 3 to 6 cubic meters. The concrete mixer truck generally adopts a hydraulic pump driven by the automobile engine through the power output shaft, and then the hydraulic motor drives the mixing drum by the high-pressure oil. when the loading amount is 9 to 12 cubic meters, the hydraulic pump is driven by the vehicle-assisted diesel engine to drive the hydraulic motor. If the blades of the main components in the agitator damage or severe wear can result in uneven mixing of the concrete. In addition, if the angle of the blade is not reasonable, it will cause the concrete to segregate. If you need professional suggestions of concrete mixer truck, please do not
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