Lubrication and monitoring system in concrete mixer

Lubrication and monitoring system in concrete mixer

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For the lubrication of the whole concrete batching plant, domestic or imported oil are ok. For China brand, we recommend CHANGCHENG. For imported oil, we suggest Mobil, ESSO, SHELL. BP, etc.

For the concrete mixer, there are 4 points to lubricate. The first three are important.
1. The shaft head sealed grease pump: Mobil NLGI 1 or NLGI 2 grease.
2. Reduction gear: Mobil GEAR629

3. Hydraulic station oil tank: Mobil DTE 25

4. Other lubrication points: hinge in the observation door, cylinder pivot point, jackstay in motor base plate, small grease needed every 2-4 weeks.

Observe the oil level and oil quality through oil window: oil level should be in the 1/2-2/3 of the oil window. If oil level is too low, please replenish. If oil quality turns bad, please renew it. Please make sure that the air vent in the oil plug (oil filter point) is unobstructed. Otherwise, the air expansion in the oil tank will cause tank leakage.

For both lubrication oil and grease, their viscosity will change as the temperature. If the temperature is lower, the oil or grease will be more viscous. In the same temperature, the higher number of oil is more viscous. Therefore, please choose the right oil or grease according to the temperature in your country.

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