HAMAC mixer with pump DHBT15 deliver to DR January 2020

HAMAC mixer with pump DHBT15 deliver to DR January 2020

Source: Hamac Machinery
This is article should be wrote way back on the January or something, while now I am writing this news nearly October this year, Looking back I should say I have a mixed feeling about this order, the client is a long time communicate client, he has asked me about so many things, on and off of course, the process went pretty smooth I should say, with his agent in China and everything, make it easier on the communication level,
Well, let us say something about the mixer with pump, this is a machine that combines mixer and pump together, on the economic level it save money than buy a separate mixer and a pump, on the compact level it is quite a unit, the whole system includes a mixer with pump, the mixer is JZM450, pump is DHBT40, so you can see mixer is smaller, pump is bigger, but it is the smallest while the most compact unit, and it can fit in the container well, good for smaller contractor, and 100m steel pipe, actually 97m steel pie and 3m rubber hose, weighing hopper is optional, you can have it with a small generator on the house, or not, it function as weighing material, two bin, and PLC and put in 20 concrete recipe available, while I suggest you use it with some pump experience, I should say it is a little bit a high advanced machine, not for beginners, or you can find a experienced pump operator to help you, that is my suggestion, and that is all,
If you are interested and want to know more, talk to Jarvis hamac26@hamacchina.com or WHATSAPP 0086 176 3001 3287, see you soon.

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