Concrete mixing station pump oil line troubleshooting

Concrete mixing station pump oil line troubleshooting

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In many commercial concrete mixing stations, many electrical devices are driven by the pump to work. So for pump oil route concrete mixing station, is also more prone to failure. Then, when it fails, and if we were to solve it in a timely manner? 
In the production process, is most prone to failure in the concrete mixing station using mobile concrete mixer when, therefore, how to properly handle commercial concrete mixing station pump oil line failure, mobile concrete mixer pump system, which uses three pumps, hydraulic circuit interfering run. 
Portable concrete mixing plant has anti-pump function, which will help in a timely manner to eliminate clogging faults and downtime to be expected short. The use of advanced S pipe distribution valve automatically compensates for wear gap, good sealing performance. Wear-resistant alloy glasses, plates and floating cutting ring, long service life. 
In concrete mixing station, mixing system long stroke cylinder, extending the life of the feed cylinder and piston. Optimized design of the hopper, easy to clean and better suction performance. Automatic centralized lubrication system to ensure the effective operation of the machine lubrication. Concrete mixing station for regular and effective lubrication and maintenance, is to ensure that pump oil line failure to reduce the basic guarantee.

If you want to ensure the reduction of failure, the most effective way is to regular concrete mixing station equipment were well maintained, and in the face of failure of timely shutdown process.

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