Types of aggregate crusher plant

Types of aggregate crusher plant

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According to the different types of stone, it could divide into pebble, basalt, granite, limestone and other types.

Pebble aggregate crushing plant

The biggest problem of the pebble aggregate crusher plant for sale production line is that the wear parts are easy to wear. This is because the silicon content in the river pebbles is very high, the pebbles crushing should as much as possible using multi-stage crushing solutions. Using a two-stage jaw crusher for production. This configuration is a solution with the lowest investment and the simplest maintenance. And the production cost is also the most economical among all the solutions. If it is required that the grain shape of the product after the pebble crushing is excellent. What’ more, the production cost could reduce at the same time. Then we can use a matching process plan of a two-stage crusher (jaw crusher + fine jaw crusher, cone crusher) and an impact crusher. The main crushing work is completed by the primary crushing and the second crushing, and finally by the impact crusher for integral crushing.

Basalt aggregate crushing plant

Basalt and dolerite/diabase are materials with higher hardness and higher silicon content. It is more difficult to crush in actual crushing operation, at the same time the crushing cost is high. For basalt crushing, multi-stage crushing equipment should use as much as possible to reduce the loss of wear parts. The typical configuration of multi-stage crushing equipment is two-stage jaw crusher or jaw crusher plus cone crusher. If the customer has higher requirements for the final stone particle size, we can configure an impact crusher for shape crushing. Thus forming a three-stage crushing process configuration. The biggest feature of the impact crusher is that it can produce high-quality granular stones. With the dual performance of crushing and shaping. A good particle size stone material can add a better force performance to the building, and has a higher price in the market.

Granite aggregate crushing plant for sale

Granite is also one of the more difficult materials to crush, however it is slightly easier to crush than basalt. This is because although granite hardness is high, but has a certain brittleness. In order to improve the size of the stone materials. The granite aggregate crushing machine production line can use the process configuration of jaw crusher and impact crusher. The investment cost of this configuration is higher than that of the two-stage jaw crusher. And the produced stone particles are very good. However, because granite is a material that is relatively difficult to break. The wear-resistant parts cost of the impact crusher is relatively high. And the production cost increased by long-term production is obvious. Because of the brittle nature of granite, this configuration is also an acceptable solution.

limestone aggregate crusher machine

Limestone aggregate crusher plant production line we can also directly use jaw crusher and impact crusher scheme. It can not only obtain good stone particle size, but also have a long service life for the wear parts of the crusher.

If the market does not have high requirements for the size of the stone material. We can use a two-stage jaw crusher to reduce the proportion of powder material. And at the same time, some investment cost of aggregate crushing plant reduce relatively.

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