Selection and reinforcement method of excavator bucket

Selection and reinforcement method of excavator bucket

Source: Hamac Machinery
Due to the requirements of different construction environments, different types of buckets need to be selected, so special attention should be paid when purchasing excavator buckets. When purchasing products, combined with the material and construction environment of the product, the current excavator There are two types of buckets: material type and functional type.

Generally, in the cleaning work of rivers and ditches and the light working environment of sweat and sand, most of the buckets selected are standard buckets. If the construction environment is relatively harsh compared to light work, it is recommended to buy reinforced green peas or It is a gravel-type bucket, which is relatively convenient to use and brings higher construction efficiency. If it is after blasting or in a rocky environment, it is best to choose a rock-type bucket, which will improve work efficiency and reduce digging. Bucket wear.

However, in the process of construction, due to changes in the environment, buying a bucket will increase the work cost. Generally, the bucket will be reinforced to improve the wear resistance of the bucket. Two methods such as welding or reinforcing ribs will be used. The two methods are very effective and enhance the firmness of the bucket, which brings certain economic efficiency to the construction of the project.

In the construction of excavator buckets, the buckets generally selected are more practical construction environments, or when special circumstances are encountered, bucket reinforcement is the most important method, and the degree of wear is significantly reduced.

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