How to maintain the small loader after winter

How to maintain the small loader after winter

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After the winter, the cold air came, signaling the upcoming winter, especially in the northern region, the temperature reached more than ten degrees below zero, Mattson skid steer loader editor for all new and old customers to provide winter small loader maintenance knowledge, so that the majority of loader drivers to prepare in advance, in winter to protect the car. The following is common sense maintenance, remember to do Oh!

First, choose high-quality antifreeze

There are two main indicators to measure antifreeze: one is the freezing point, ordinary type antifreeze can reach -40 ℃, and high-quality antifreeze can reach -60 ℃ or so; the second is the boiling point, antifreeze should reach at least 108 ℃.

Anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance is also very important, which is directly related to the service life of the equipment cooling system.

Also consider the anti-scaling properties. 65% of the cooling system of the equipment have scale and rust, which seriously affects the cooling system's heat dissipation function, so it is best to clean the scale and rust in the radiator before replacing the antifreeze and then add the antifreeze.

In general, antifreeze should be changed every year, a year after the antifreeze of the batch standard has not reached the original care requirements.

Different models of antifreeze must not be mixed to avoid chemical reactions, precipitation or bubbles.

Second, the pump check

This is due to the aging failure of the water seal of the pump, which causes the antifreeze to enter the lubrication chamber through the water seal and finally reach the oil sump. Therefore, after replacing the antifreeze, you should closely observe the oil level of the engine oil. If the oil level is found to rise, the machine should be stopped and checked, and the water pump water seal or water pump assembly should be replaced.

After repairing, the machine should be idling under no load, with the new oil to take away the residual antifreeze into the engine lubrication system, note: shorten the gap time of the next oil replacement to ensure the normal effectiveness of the engine lubrication system.

Cooling system anti-corrosion cartridge

Cooling system anti-corrosion cartridge contains ion exchange resin, anti-corrosion agent, magnesium plate and other additives, which can effectively protect the relevant parts. Ion exchange resin can prevent the formation of scale. Corrosion inhibitor can form a corrosion prevention film in the coolant jacket to prevent oxidation. Because the metal activity of magnesium is stronger than iron, the corrosive ions in coolant react with magnesium plate first, effectively preventing iron from being corroded. In addition, the anti-corrosion cartridge can filter rust, scale and sediment.

The anti-corrosion cartridge must be replaced at the same time with the antifreeze, and the anti-corrosion cartridge should be replaced at the 1000th hour (engine working time) to ensure that the anti-corrosion cartridge plays an effective protective role.

Four, fuel line maintenance

(1) Normal selection of fuel

To choose diesel fuel according to the local temperature and the cold filter point and condensation point of diesel fuel.

(2)Maintain the fuel oil circuit

Thoroughly clean the oil-water separator: clean appearance, check the drainage mark, timely discharge of impurities, which cannot be cleaned should be replaced; clean the diesel tank: remove the sediment from its bottom.

replacing poorly atomized fuel injection nozzles.

Calibrate the poor working condition of the oil injection oil pump to ensure normal operation.

V. Selection of lubricant

According to the local temperature, the appropriate lubricant should be selected in combination with the condensation point, pouring point and viscosity of the lubricant.

The lubricant with high freezing point cannot be used at low temperature. On the contrary, there is no need to use the low condensation point lubricant in the area of high temperature. Freezing point and pour point are both indicators of the low temperature fluidity of lubricants, and there is no principle gender between the two, only a slightly different method of determination. The same lubricant freezing point and pouring point are not exactly the same, generally pouring point are higher than the freezing point 2--3℃.

Six, equipment three leaks overhaul

Thermal expansion and contraction phenomenon in the hydraulic system, gas, water seals, especially the rubber type O-ring, torque ring and other seals are more obvious, the temperature continues to be lower than 0 ℃, the machine will appear oil leakage, gas leakage, water leakage phenomenon, especially when the temperature continues to approach -10 ℃. In the equipment into the winter before the entire machine to carry out a comprehensive overhaul of the three leaks, to exclude the three leaks and hidden faults.

Seven, overhaul electrical equipment

Winter aging equipment more difficult to start failure, so before the seasonal maintenance to check and replace aging electrical wiring and components is an essential initiative to reduce starting difficulties, but also need to thoroughly check the maintenance of the battery.

Warm air equipment is essential for outdoor operation in winter, so before the harsh winter should check the working condition of warm air equipment and repair warm air equipment.

Eight, the gas tank daily inspection and drainage

If the gas tank is not drained for a few days, it will easily freeze, blocking the ventilation pipes, affecting the brake system and causing safety hazards.

If the loader water tank is used for cooling water, then after the use of the loader, in order to prevent the cooling water freezing, freezing the tank, the body, it is very necessary to put water, but the release of water should also be scientific, technical, otherwise it is possible to let the freezing tank, the body:.

First, when the temperature is 0 ℃ and below, night parking and a long time off when parked should be put in the engine cooling water exhaust.

Second, in the release of water can not be away from people, to prevent the release valve due to impurities and blockage, due to the abnormal expansion of water and freeze cracked body.

Third, when the water temperature is high, should wait until the water temperature drops below 60 ℃ before releasing water, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the body or cylinder head.

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