How does a brick making machine work

How does a brick making machine work

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Different types of brick making machines use different power, but the basis workflow and working mode are similar. The main motor drives the reducer to rotate through the belt on the belt pulley, and the power is transferred to the pinion shaft through the coupling, then the pinion drives the larger gear to rotate, which is called spindle rotates. The circular motion is converted into the upward and downward linear motion of the beam by the crank linkage mechanism. The up and down movement of the beam drives the skip car to move forward and backward, and completes the feeding and pushing work at the same time. When the beam is raised, the spindle cam pushes the lower head body, pushing the pressed blocks out of the mold cavity. Meanwhile, the skip car moves, pushing the extruded molding products through the cavity to the pickup platform, and supplying the cavity materials. The pressing system performs the cycle work of feeding, pressing, ejecting the cavity, pushing out the products, feeding the materials, etc…

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