Clever use of bucket is the key to reducing wear

Clever use of bucket is the key to reducing wear

Source: Hamac Machinery

Using buckets to stay away from violent operations is the key to improving the efficiency of excavator buckets and reducing bucket wear. Therefore, using buckets skillfully is a good method. So how to use buckets skillfully to reduce equipment wear, and what skills can be learned ?

When digging into the soil, the bucket teeth of the bucket should pay attention to some inclination angles. Do not directly enter the soil at a right angle. Like a shovel, reaching a certain angle can reduce the inclination pressure and reduce the direct wear on the bucket teeth. For harder deterioration, it is best to loosen the soil, cut the soil layer with three bucket teeth, so that they can be dug out together to achieve a timely bucket to achieve a better bucket use effect.

When loading the truck, pay attention to the bucket capacity, not too much, which will cause a serious load on the overall bucket. At the same time, pay attention to the force of the bucket stick to avoid the situation that the bucket capacity is too large and the arm will be broken directly. At the same time, pay attention to the uniform speed. Carry, avoid the excessive force generated by the gyration, resulting in the occurrence of various materials scattered.

Pay attention to the maintenance of the bucket when the excavator is not used. Good maintenance habits are one of the effective measures to increase the service life of the bucket and reduce the wear of the product. Therefore, it is necessary to clean in place at ordinary times, and it is necessary to find cracks in the bucket teeth. Take necessary measures in time.

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