Brick Making Machine for Sale

Brick Making Machine for Sale

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Brick making machine, also known as the names of block making machine, concrete block machine, cement block making machine, fly ash brick making machine, paver block making machine, is a kind of mechanical device for producing various types of bricks. The current brick making machine mainly uses the stone powder, fly ash, stove slag, gravel, sand, water and some other available materials as the raw material to make blocks, which is more environmentally friendly and saves resources.

Types of Brick Making Machines

There are so many types of brick making machine for sale, customers can refer to the following categories and the characteristic to choose the suitable model according to their actual needs. Depending on the dynamic form, the equipment can be divided into hydraulic brick making machine and electric brick making machine. There are fully automatic concrete block making machine and semi automatic brick making machine based on the degree of automation. Then user can also choose mobile type or stationary type brick making machine as required by the project. In addition, the size of output and working efficiency is also one of the criteria for selection. Tell us the model you need or more about your requirements for quotation now.

Application of Block Making Machine

Equipped with varieties of molds, the concrete brick machine can produce various types of bricks, such as, solid brick, porous bricks, hollow bricks, paver blocks, curbs, perforated bricks, pervious blocks, some special shaped blocks, etc… The produced bricks can be widely used in the walls, roads, buildings, gardens and other construction of municipal works. The machine can be used alone or in the production line of concrete block making plant. Whatever application you are buying the brick making machine for, just let us know your needs, our professional sales manager will recommend the most suitable one to you in dynamics, working efficiency and price.

The Features of Concrete Brick Making Machine

Adopt advanced block-laying machine technology, the shock absorption effect is significant.

Use computer control system, LCD touch screen to adjust parameters and equipped with data input ad output devices to realize man-machine dialogue.

The machine body adopts thick wall square tube and super long guide sleeve to ensure the machine body firm and shockproof, and the pressure head movement is accurate.

Good synchronization. The adjustable head and the stripping frame are all equipped with an adjustable synchronous swing arm to ensure that the indenter and demoulding error are within 1mm.

Many types of bricks can be produced. The machine can simultaneously produce hollow blocks, multi-row holes, curbs, splitting blocks, colored paving bricks, grass bricks, washed bricks and other kinds of blocks.

All models use frequency converter, which can realize the spindle motor doesn’t stop completely, so as to fundamentally solve the spindle motor heating problem.

Vibration pressure separation technology. The vibration support plate is installed, and the secondary pressure head is added at the same time. Meanwhile, the shock-adsorbing rubber pad is provided to completely interfere with the vibration and pressure interference.

Easy operation and maintenance.

There is no lowest price, only lower price. You get what you pay for. We hope you are looking for the perfect working performance of the equipment, not the low-priced inferior goods. HAMAC only provide our clients with high quality machines. Wish a cooperation with you in the future.


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