Are there any tips to make the digging ability stronger

Are there any tips to make the digging ability stronger

Source: Hamac Machinery
In the process of using the bucket, are there any tips to make the digging ability stronger? First of all, during the operation of the excavator, especially the bucket, the driver should pay attention to the method of cyclically pulling the lifting and turning bucket control levers to fill the bucket with materials when the throttle is stable.

The factor that can really improve the digging power of the bucket is coordination, so what is coordination? Coordination is the organic cooperation between the lifting and the bucket control cylinder. The general shoveling process of an excavator is to first place the bucket on the ground and drive to the material pile steadily.

During the work of the excavator bucket, it is forbidden for any person to stay or walk within the radius of gyration or under the bucket. Non-drivers are not allowed to enter the cab and move around, and they are not allowed to train drivers to avoid damage to electrical equipment.

When the excavator is moving, the driver should first observe and whistle before moving to avoid accidents caused by someone near the machine. After moving, ensure that there are no obstacles in the space of the excavator's radius of rotation. After the excavator enters the construction site , The driver should first observe the geology of the working face and the surrounding environment. There should be no obstacles within the excavator's turning radius to avoid scratches or damage to the vehicle.

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