About Transportation and filling of Concrete

About Transportation and filling of Concrete

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Concrete can be transported to the construction site by belt conveyors or mixer trucks. About the shipping requirements, which are as bellow:

1. During the transportation process, the homogeneity of the concrete should be maintained to avoid delamination and segregation;
2. Which should make sure the shortest minimum rotary speed of operations and running time;
3. It should ensure that the pouring work of concrete is carried out continuously;
4. The container for transporting concrete should be tight and not leaking. The inside of the container should be smooth and non-absorbent.

The filling method can be done manually or by means of machinery. Concrete pumping and filling concrete mixes are highly efficient and can reach hundreds of cubic meters per hour. Whether it is a concrete cast-in-place project or a prefabricated component, the compactness of the concrete after the filling must be ensured. The method mainly uses vibration tamping, and some use centrifugal, extrusion and vacuum operations. Fluid concrete will not be shaken if mixed with some high-efficiency water reducer.If you need professional concrete transportation equipment like concrete mixer truck, concrete pump, etc, please contact with us.

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