Some Knowledge about Full Automatic Concrete Mixing Plant

Some Knowledge about Full Automatic Concrete Mixing Plant

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Fully automatic concrete mixing plant well reduces labor amount in construction project, and more humanized designs are added in terms of using this kind of concrete mixing plant.

Then, how do we rightly operate fully automatic concrete mixing plant? Which requirements should be met for operators?

The so-called full automation of concrete mixing plant means that all devices such as transporting system, batching system, mixing system and discharging system can be controlled by a computer. First of all, aggregate concrete batching is transported by belt conveyor. The pump and fly ash are transmitted by screw conveyor to be weighed.

Then, in the operation process of fully automatic concrete mixing plant, water and additives are weighed by electric scale. All needed concrete materials are weighed by electric scale and made a ratio according to design process. The main concrete mixer is adjusted according the materials. When production combination starts and the materials are mixed evenly, computer can send out signals to main console, the materials are discharged by discharging gate opened by cylinder. The concrete gets into the concrete mixing plant directly, which means the production process is finished. All the processes are finished by one person in computer control room.

From above, the basic requirements for full concrete mixing plant operators are that they must know the control of computer. In the whole operation process, concrete mixing plant greatly relies on the controls from computer. Therefore, mastering computer control is the basic skill for operators of full concrete mixing plant.

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