HAMAC HZ40-28 backhoe loader was delivered successfully to ARGENTINA

HAMAC HZ40-28 backhoe loader was delivered successfully to ARGENTINA

Source: Hamac Machinery

12th December, 2023, HZ40-28 backhoe loader produced by HAMAC was loaded successfully on Qingdao port, delivered to ARGENTINA

backhoe loader Remark: HZ40-28 THE BACKHOE WHEEL LOADER with one-piece type

HAMAC backhoe loader is higher cost performance compared with world famous brand and the price is reasonable. For diesel engine, YUCHAI diesel engine is the standard, the CUMMINS as client’s option. We have two different chassis of one-piece type and articulated type. Machine itself can be controlled easily, and has a 1m³capacity loader bucket and a 0.3m³capacity backhoe bucket. H support legs and A support legs can be unfolded and customized according to customer’ s requirement. If you haven’t too much budget, you can choose HZ30-25 backhoe loader. If you have enough budget, you can choose HZ40-28 backhoe loader.

backhoe loader price Remark: support leg unfolded display

Backhoe loader its main functions are digging and loading. By changing different backhoe loader attachments, different backhoe loader function such as crushing, drilling, snow removal, and cleaning can be fulfilled. Tractor loader backhoe is used to provide comprehensive solutions for customers in municipal emergency rescue, urban pipelines, landscaping, highways and other scope of work of backhoe loader. And two HZ40-28 backhoe loaders can be loaded in a 40FT container, this save much money.

backhoe loader for sale Remark: loading picture

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