HAMAC HGY33 CONCRETE PLACING BOOM was delivered successfully to ISRAEL

HAMAC HGY33 CONCRETE PLACING BOOM was delivered successfully to ISRAEL

Source: Hamac Machinery

11th January, 2024, HGY33 CONCRETE PLACING BOOM produced by HAMAC was loaded successfully on QINGDAO PORT, delivered to ISRAEL.


HAMAC concrete placing boom has 13-33 meters length as options. It includes mobile type and stationary type. HAMAC HGY33 concrete placing boom belongs to stationary type. HGY33 machine is fixed in the elevator shaft and is equipped with an automatic climbing mechanism. It is lifted by a hydraulic cylinder and automatically climbs in the elevator shaft. It also can be fixed in the floor directly if there is not an elevator shaft. The vertical reach of the placing boom relies on the performance of your concrete pump.

HGY33 is one that people often choose. Our HGY33 delivery pipe dimension is φ133×4.5MM and delivery hose dimension is φ125×3000mm. Radius of concrete placing boom is 32.7M. The HAMAC HGY33 is safe and reliable thanks to its compact design and simple operation. Placing boom pipes aren’t worn easily , and machine itself has 360°slewing range. Our installation manuals also have been tested under the guidance of our technicians, so you can choose with confidence!

concrete placing boom for sale Remark: HGY33 PRODUCTION PICTURES concrete placing boom price Remark: HGY33 packing picture

HGY33 working range as follows:

CONCRETE PLACING BOOM working range as follows

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