DHBT40 Diesel Concrete Pump to Thailand

DHBT40 Diesel Concrete Pump to Thailand

Source: Hamac Machinery
DHBT40 diesel concrete pump to Thailand
You know I should say sometimes things happened so fast so soon before you know it, on the casual Friday afternoon I received a casual inquiry message from Alibaba Alitalk, you know it is Friday afternoon you would not expect anything special, if you have been there you would knew it, those kinds of messages comes like once or twice a day, basically they want something strange, most of the time they don’t reply, but not like this client, like I said it happens so fast and so soon, I send him a DHBT40 quote for start, a few talks over we settled the deal, client said he will pay next Monday, and request payment term 50% 50%, then over, the next Monday client paid as he promised, wow, such resolve, I never met, but I did meet him, right? Hahaha.
So long story short, pump finished soon and delivered soon, you know it is our spine, our solid rock, the concrete pump, what can be wrong with it, it is so trustworthy and it is so good and cheap, a few commission over Whatsapp with client at site, they got the best of the pump, so till this day no complaint, done, perfect.

There is no lowest price, only lower price. You get what you pay for. We hope you are looking for the perfect working performance of the equipment, not the low-priced inferior goods. HAMAC only provide our clients with high quality machines. Wish a cooperation with you in the future.


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