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DHBT30 concrete pump in Malawi

Client’s working as consultation and purchasing manager in the company, but all things have to be decided by the board, so he want something cheap but can do the job, without hesitate we recommend DHBT30 pump, it is the existing smallest model we have at production now, and it is diesel, so it is perfect for power shortage sites, but there is one part that needs all clients’ attention, that is the DHBT30 model concrete pump can only process material aggregates size below 20mm, 20mm is the limit please note, otherwise the machine will get damaged, because after all ,this is a fine stone pump, please note, thanks 

If you want to visit this project on site, or contact our client to check the machine’s work performance, please contact us: Email:sales@hamacchina.com WhatsApp:+8615136236223

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