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Performance Characteristics and Pouring Order of Concrete Pump

Date: May 15, 2015     Source: admin

Concrete pump is equipped with high pressure clean equipment, which can be cleaned quickly and conveniently. Self-lubrication in bucket and cylinder. America PARKER seal parts, very thick chromium coat inside cylinder which makes sure 20,000m3 concrete output. High low pressure conversion valve with patent, reduce the pressure on main hydraulic system and improve system efficiency with 20%.

The followings are the performance characteristics of concrete pump:

1. Triple pump system. There is no mutual interference between hydraulic circuits and system runs normally.

2. Anti-pumping function. It is beneficial to eliminate the fault of pipe plugging in time and stop to feed materials in a short time.

3. Advanced S-pipe distribution valve. It can compensate the wear clearance automatically has good sealing performance.

4. Adopted with wear-resistance alloy materials, the glass-like plate and floating cutting ring have long longevity.

5. Long stroke material cylinder can prolong the service life of material cylinder and piston.

6. Optimized design hopper is easy to clean and it has a better material absorption performance.

7. Lubricating system is centralized automatically which can ensure the machine is effectively lubricated during the operation.

8. The remote control function makes the operation more safe and convenient.

9. All accessories which conform to national standards have a better interchangeability.

The pouring order should meet the following requirements:

1. The pouring should be from far to near when users deliver concrete with pipeline.

2. When delivering concrete in same area, the concrete pump adopts the layered continuous pouring, which is from vertical structure to horizontal structure.

3. When it is not allowed to have construction joints, concreting intermission time between regions and the upper and lower levels should not exceed the initial setting time of concrete.

4. After the initial setting time of the lower level concrete, users should deal with according to the regulation of construction joints when they pour the upper level concrete.

5. It is necessary to divide well the concrete pouring regions in advance according to features of engineering structure, plane shape, geometry size, ability of concrete supply and pumping equipment, labor force, management ability and size of surrounding area.

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