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concrete batching the mixing station equipment is one of the more important equipment

Date: Feb 17, 2015     Source: admin

Purchase complete sets of concrete mixing station users are aware of the concrete batching the mixing station equipment is one of the more important equipment. So buy concrete batching machine is a vital part.

Below we look at the composition of the concrete batching plant and Scope:

Concrete batching machine electrical control system is the core component of its function is to achieve the entire batching machine weighing, display, operation and complete a variety of automatic batching procedures. Concrete batching machine system by the the batching control instrument and strong electric circuit composed of two parts.

Concrete batching machine is used loader or belt conveyor material the gravel ingredients devices, can collaborate with the use of cement silo and other equipment, with three or more materials can be combined into a fully automated, supporting the use of various types of blenders and other metering equipment, and semi-automatic batching plant, concrete batching function effectively ensure the accuracy of the ratio of cement, sand, gravel and other collaboration, and the use of electronic weighing systems, to further improve the accuracy of the weighing.

Concrete batching machine is assembled at the construction site mixing station, according to the user needs to do four bucket or multi-bucket, suitable for multi-material ratio, concrete batching function control system adopts imported controller, stable and reliable performance, the belt conveyor blanking, batching accuracy.

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