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Problems in the development of China construction machinery

Date: Oct 13, 2014     Source: admin

1. Our capacity for independent innovation is feeble.
The industrial scale of China construction machinery now has become the biggest in the world, but the high end equipment still cannot meet our demands. So, we have to import in a large scale.

2. The development of basic parts is seriously lagging behind.
Compared to the repaid development of host machine, the development of basic parts and quality materials, self-control and system test instrument, numerical control machine and the basic equipment is obviously lagging behind. These have become the three bottleneck of the development of construction machinery. Especially basic parts, not only it is the problem of gap between products but also it doesn’t bring any attention so far.

3. The development of modern manufacturing and service is very slow.
Though the industrial restructuring of construction machinery has already made some progress, the industrial structure is still unreasonable. For example, in product structure, it shows that the high-end product is insufficient and the low and middle-end product is superfluous.

The industrial structure of construction machinery should cause more attention. Now, our proportion of traditional manufacturing is too much. Compared to industrially developed country, the amount of our construction machinery has ranked high in the world. However, the sales volume, especially the economic benefits, doesn’t have any advantages. The main reason for it is the huge gap of service trades.

4. Industrial development is a little more extensive.
The rapid development of construction machinery is at the cost of too much energy consumption. The production efficiency and operating efficiency is falling behind the industrially development country. The extensive development leads to the low operating efficiency of construction machinery.

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